Acoustic term E700 (Azmafon)

Product ID: 62103007 - Acoustic term E700 (Azmafon)

(Dimensions 1090mmx920)


Acoustic term E700 is a multi-purpose porous sound absorber produced in the form of a felt carpet based on finely combed cotton fibers bonded with resin. It is also an excellent heat insulator.

It is applied where there are noise issues, in the construction industry, the automotive industry, the appliances industry, factory halls, to reduce traffic noise, etc.

Product description

Acoustic term E700 is a sound-thermal insulation material based on cotton and epoxy resin, resistant to compression and other deformations due to load.


In construction, it gives the best effect in improving the insulation from the mezzanine structures impact sound, by placing it in floating floors with cement screed.

Method of use

FLOOR: The surfaces on which the Acoustic term E700 is placed should be clean and dry. Acoustic term E700 is installed without interruption as a whole and without gluing to the surface. In the part towards the walls, raise the Acoustic term E700 minimum for the planned height of the screed, preferably 10 cm, so after making the screed, cut off the excess. After installing Acoustic term E700 it is important that there are no cavities and the possibility of the screed touching bearing floors and walls. Over-lay PVC foil by overlapping joints and make a cement screed with a minimum thickness of 4cm. For floors with underfloor heating, instead of PVC foil, install panels for underfloor heating distribution, and perform further screed installation according to the underfloor heating manufacturer instructions.

WALL: To improve the sound insulation of the walls, the Acoustic Term E700 is installed according to the noise source, it can be adhered or point-fixed, it is important to cover the entire wall surface and to stay loose. The wall covered with Acoustic term E700 must not have contact with the covering liner, therefore, a new wall is recommended so that you get a “sandwich wall” where Acoustic term E700 is in the middle. It is important to pay attention to the sticking of installations (cables, pipes, etc.). Each opening on the Acoustic Term E700 that has not been processed reduces the effect of sound absorption.

If the product is excessively exposed to sunlight or moisture, it is subject to aging in terms of color change, but does not lose its insulating characteristics.
Store in a closed, dry and dark place
1cm, 2cm, 3cm