KeramikFlex 116

Product ID: 62401002 - KeramikFlex 116

Flexible adhesive for ceramic tiles bonding


KeramikFlex 116 is a flexible, waterproof adhesive, which is recommended for interior and exterior adhesion of non-absorbent ceramic tiles and natural stone, "tile-to-tile", as well as for bonding tiles to floors with thermal loads, such as underfloor heating, balconies and terraces.

Surface: The surface must be solid, flat, clean, degreased and dusted. The primer must be applied to the surface prior to the adhesive.

Preparation and application

Mix the powder with water to the required density. The prepared mass should stay for 10-20 minutes, and then be stirred again. The prepared adhesive is applied with the smooth side of a serrated trowel on the surface, and then it is serrated with the serrated side (size of teeth 3-5 mm). Press the tile lightly into the fresh, sticky layer.

Additional information

Storage: In a dry place, on a wooden base, in the original packaging at a temperature of 5 C to 35 C. The optimal application temperature is +5 C to +30 C.

Shelf life
12 months from the date marked on the package.
25 kg bag
Transport package