Leather Dye

Product ID: 24191014 - Leather Dye

Leather Dye (white, black and brown)


Leather dye is an ecological product intended for renewing the leather items color (furniture, jackets, belts, bags, gloves, wallets, shoes, car seats ...). It is made of pigments and a special binder that adheres to the leather and remains permanently elastic.

Preparation and application

Clean the leather of grease with a soft damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent and wait for it to dry completely. Pour the paint on the prepared surface and spread it slowly with a sponge. The paint is dry to the touch 15-20 minutes after application, and it is completely dry after 12 hours. It is recommended to apply a maintenance cream 24 hours after application and repeat the procedure every 3 months, as in that way the leather regains its elasticity and prolongs its life.

Additional information
Shelf life: 24 months
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