Parfix Wood D3

Product ID: 26521003 - Parfix Wood D3

Single component waterproof wood adhesive class D3

Characteristics and purpose

Single component waterproof wood adhesive class D3, on the basis of modified polyvinyl acetate water dispersion. Due to its characteristics of water resistance and resistance to high temperatures, it is suitable for use in the construction of carpentry and other prefabricated joints, where the joints require greater resistance to moisture, as well as layered bonding of board wood materials in short stroke presses.

  • Resistance to moisture and short-term exposure to water (according to en204)
  • High temperature resistance
Method of application

The bonding surface should be smooth, dry, free of dust and grease. Parfix wood D3 is ready for use, it only needs to be well stirred.

Remove well-stirred adhesive from the package (only the necessary amount, keep the rest tightly closed). It is applied evenly, by hand-brush or machine (rollers, discs). Panels that require pressing are placed in the press while the adhesive is fresh.

The tool is cleaned with water while the adhesive is fresh.

cca. 150 - 200g/m²
Bonding conditions

For layered bonding of panel wooden materials in presses with short stroke, pressing at 0.4-0.5mPa

Pressing time

120min (can be shorter depending on the size, type of elements and type of wood)

Application temperature

The most favorable temperature of the adhesive, wood and environment for processing is +15°C to +20°C, humidity 60%, the most favorable humidity of wood 8 - 12%, in the production of windows 10 - 14%.

Adhesive should not be used for bonding surfaces at air temperatures below 11°C

Curing time
Further wood processing after 24 hours from the moment of bonding
Recommended use
Interior and exterior
Suitable for

It is suitable for use in construction joinery, for prefabricated bonding, as well as for layered bonding of panel wooden materials in short stroke presses


Store in the original, closed container and in a dry ventilated room, at a temperature of +5°C to + 25°C

Keep from freezing and overheating
20kg, 1150kg (with IBC container)
Transport package
1/24pal, IBC container
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