Special purpose sprays

Product ID: 61801066

High quality sprays for painting aluminum wheels, bumpers, for painting appliances, porcelain, high temperature sprays, fluorescent, sprays for synthetic leather.

Preparation and application

The item must be clean, degreased and completely dry. Provide good ventilation by opening windows, doors. Shake the can well before use for at least two minutes, after the spray balls have rattled. If the balls cannot roll freely, turn the bottle upside down and gently tap the bottom of the bottle. Test before use: each spray works differently due to composition, color density, gas, etc. Therefore, before spraying on the item, test the spray bottle to determine the spray distance, application rate. The secret of uniform coverage is in the joint, which should remain firm. Keep the bottle parallel to the object at a distance of 30 cm. For good protection, apply 2-3 coats every 3-5 minutes. After use, turn the bottle upside down and empty until clean gas starts to come out.

Shelf life
Marked on the packaging
400 ml
Transport package
box 6 pcs.